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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Mar 21, 2019

Sally Elatta is the president of Agile Transformation, Inc., and founder of AgilityHealth. Elatta shares her story of the growth of her company, what they have on their “culture wall” and the current state of business agility, as well as a taste of the future. The 2018 Business Agility Report revealed that, while team agility and what Elatta calls “team-of-teams agility,” companies are doing really well. But in terms of business agility – particularly as applies to culture, leadership and support functions like HR, finance, marketing and others – the respondents of the 166 organizations who participated in the report collectively rated themselves at the crawl-walk stage. Elatta sees this as a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to strive for more than just Agile transformation, but to reach for business agility. One area that she thinks will see huge shifts and positive changes in the next two or three years? HR.

Some of our favorite quotes from this podcast:- “Be bold, be real, and lead with love.”- “Iʻm allergic to negativity.”- “[As a] young girl from Sudan in Africa, [I] couldn’t have made it in this country if I didn’t believe in the art of the possible.”- “Gone are the days that large companies are eating small. Today, fast companies are eating slow.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQʻs Skip Angel hosts.

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