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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

May 9, 2019

One of our most requested topics to cover recently has been Agile Portfolio Management. We invited Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Brent Barton and Ryn Melberg to explain what is portfolio management and how to use it in an Agile organization.

Traditional portfolio management assumes an infinite supply of knowledge worker’s capacity. It also plans for 100% utilization (which is impossible) using full time equivalents, and part time people introduce a lot of context switching. These are two big problems.

Instead, Barton recommends building teams of people as enduring corporate assets, and then focus on maximizing the return on those assets – what we call return on team. Portfolio management in a traditional sense has the tendency to break up teams, which in turn crushes Agile. Melberg likens this to the cost of infrastructure for tearing down an office building each time a new project is started, yet companies do this to their people all the time.

Tune in to learn how to do portfolio management in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Reach Brent Barton at or @brentbarton on Twitter.

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