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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Sep 17, 2016

The Agile Mindset.  We've all heard that term, but what does it mean? What effects can it have on an organization if they are just adopting the frameworks without the mindsets? Ken Rubin and I spend this episode discussing the Agile Mindset. He shares how it effects delivering working software in companies, how he uses it in his family, and even as an angel investor in how it helps him make decisions on who ( and who not) to fund.  Ken also shares  his unique “Colonel Klink” test (from Hogan’s Heroes)  to help determine if someone has and agile mindset or not.   About Agile Amped: The Agile Amped podcast series connects the community through compelling stories, passionate people, shared knowledge, and innovative ideas. Fueled by inspiring conversations with industry thought leaders, Agile Amped offers valuable content – anytime, anywhere. To receive real-time updates, subscribe at YouTube, iTunes or Subscribe:,, Follow:  Like: