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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Feb 15, 2018

Once upon a time, Melissa Boggs worked for a company where their mission was central to everything they did. This podcast is a story about using mission, vision and values as a beacon for Agile transformation.

Boggs is an agility culture and leadership coach with Agile42. As a Certified Enterprise Coach, she is fascinated with company cultures and how they inspire, or conversely demotivate, individuals to become amazing. In this episode, Boggs walks us through concrete steps for how to not only create a mission statement, but how to live and breathe the mission, vision and values every step going forward, and how to avoid the ghosts that sometimes get in the way of an Agile transformation.

Our favorite quote is one that resonates with so many organizations:“They already had a mission statement, but quite literally the only person who could tell me who could tell me what it was, was the sweet lady in marketing who wrote it five years ago.”

Hosted by Howard Sublett.

This episode of Agile Amped is part of a series in partnership with the Business Agility Institute.

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Contact Melissa Boggs via email: melissa.boggs@agile42.comOr follow her on Twitter: @HmngbirdAgilityAnd find our podcast host:@howardsublett

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