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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Feb 22, 2018

We chat with SolutionsIQ's Dave Wylie, a seasoned consultant, manager and developer with 35 years of experience. Wylie wants to make sure that, while Agile has expanded beyond IT, people especially in IT remember that good engineering practices are foundational for a successful Agile transformation. Agile software development approaches, techniques and mindsets are drivers for business value and make it possible for Product Owners to ship when they're ready to ship.

Dave argues that foundational development practices - writing tests as well as reviewing, integrating and continuously improving code - are important for everybody. Unfortunately, according to Wylie, ”There's lots and lots of people in the software development world that [have] had zero formal training or informal training or mentorship on these practices.”

Howard Sublett hosts. Get in touch with our guest: david.wylie@accenture.comAnd find our podcast host on Twitter: @howardsublett

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