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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Dec 20, 2018

Author of “DevOps for the Modern Enterprise” Mirco Hering is a Managing Director at Accenture leading the Agile & DevOps practice in the APAC region. Hering shares with us the two topics that he didn’t find in other books on DevOps, which motivated him to write his own. He also highlights for us why it’s so important to love learning.  

“The world will continue to change and we need to continue to evolve… If you go to uni these days, it’s not a matter of getting that degree and continuing working in that space for the rest of your life; it’s you learn how to learn and now you need to do that for the rest of your career to continue to evolve.” 

Hering covers the areas of knowledge necessary for success in IT today,  but advises that you don’t need to be an expert in all of them. You need a little bit of knowledge in a lot of areas, and specialization in one.  

Accenture’s Keith Pleas hosts at DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas.  

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