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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Jan 24, 2019

With the right mindset and practices in place, your organization could be "faster than Facebook." But what does that mean? Furthermore, why do most companies fall short of the real promise of business agility?

Stas Zvinyatskovsky, a Managing Director for Accenture and DevOps thought leader, believes the problem is that most organizations are unwilling to make the necessary organizational changes to achieve business agility - they are not willing to pay the true cost of business agility transformation. Zvinyatskovsky shares some insights on why organizations struggle with business agility, the five transformation types that he has identified, what the true cost of business agility transformation is and how the theory of constraints applies to organizations that only transform IT.

Greg Bledsoe hosts at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 in Las Vegas.

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