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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Nov 29, 2018

What makes for an impactful customer experience? How does your brand differentiate itself? If you’re a large enterprise like Oracle, you have people like Roland Smart, author of “The Agile Marketer:  Turning Customer Experience Into Your Competitive Advantage” on staff architecting customer journeys using Agile methods and mindsets.

“It’s my strong belief that Agile will become a competitive advantage for marketers,” says Smart, who is also the VP of Corporate Marketing at Oracle. “It acknowledges the reality that we’re living in an environment today where things are moving too quickly to predict the future. So, no amount of analysis is going to lead to in a one-year marketing plan that is going to be recognizable in six months.”

Your best bet is combining Agile, innovative marketing and the “peak-end rule”: customers tend to average out their feeling about a brand based on their all-time best experience (“peak”) and their last experience (“end”).

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Adam Mattis hosts.

This episode of Agile Amped is part of a series in partnership with the Business Agility Institute.

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