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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Apr 23, 2020

Tony Bonfante is an agile coach who shares his recent experience setting up an internal coaching office at a Fortune 50 corporation. The first step in the process is to fill the roles of coaches with individuals who are called to serve others.  

Next, Bonfante teaches the coaches how to really listen to others because “you can’t change someone’s mind if you don’t know what’s in them.” The five levels of listening he walks everyone through are: 

  1. Ignoring – making the conscious choice to either ignore or not ignore others. 
  2. Pretending to listen – using listening signs like nodding and sounds while focusing on something else. 
  3. Selective listening – paying attention to cues such as your name to refocus. 
  4. Comparative listening – filtering what you hear by what matters to you. 
  5. Empathetic listening – truly paying attention and wanting to learn the other’s worldview.  

This episode is chock-full of practical guidance, including what kind of coaching stand to take in each domain of the Cynefin framework and more. 

Leslie Morse hosts. 

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