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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Nov 15, 2018

Clare Sudbery left the IT industry years ago because she was bored and unmotivated. Fast forward, and now she’s back at it, this time as a passionate lead consultant developer at ThoughtWorks. Why the change?

In her time away, Sudbery learned something during her stint teaching math: much like people divide themselves and others into good or bad at math, she says the IT industry is doing the same to employees and new hires. They’ll say, “Can you believe that so-and-so didn’t know anything about X?” Considering the complexity in the world, Sudbery says, “Yes, I can believe it.”

That's why she champions curiosity and learning today, and leads by example by showing it’s okay to ask questions when she doesn’t know the answer.

“When you meet people who don’t know things that you do know, don’t judge them about it, don’t laugh at them; get excited because that means you get to teach them the thing and you both win.”

Listen to this honest and thought-provoking conversation recorded at Agile 2018 in San Diego with host, Chris Murman.

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