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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Nov 28, 2016

Joe Vallone has a powerful message for enterprise leaders -- that includes managers, directors, VPs and executives. When it comes to executives participating in the transformation, Joe says, "responsibility cannot be delegated... Success or failure of an Agile transformation doesn't belong to coaches... or to individual teams... Leaders need to take accountability and responsibility for this change." Joe invokes Kotter's Acceler8 change management model, saying that his focus has been on step 2: building a guiding coalition. But sometimes leaders are just too busy... An economics geek, Joe suggests starting with just 1% of their available time to start out doing Agile, creating backlogs and experiencing the process--then building on that. SolutionsIQ SAFe consultant Steve Davis hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado. About Agile Amped The Agile Amped podcast series connects the community through compelling stories, passionate people, shared knowledge, and innovative ideas. Fueled by inspiring conversations with industry thought leaders, Agile Amped offers valuable content – anytime, anywhere. To receive real-time updates, subscribe! Subscribe: Follow:  Like: