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Agile Amped Podcast - Inspiring Conversations

Apr 16, 2020

Jessica Guistolise is an experienced leader, consultant and coach at Accenture SolutionsIQ. For the past few years, Guistolise was part of a dedicated Dojo team at a major US-based insurance company, where she learned how to scale dojo experiences and even virtualize them. 

From a few remote teams operating as one to bringing Dojo to a completely distributed team in the Philippines, Guistolise is learning that the benefits of Dojo can still be achieved. It just takes more time. Further, as working from home becomes more normalized, people will see into others’ lives, and that opens the door to build trust even faster.  

And a new working agreement structure – and humanity - can help. “It takes practice to not apologize for those very human things” like eating and taking breaks. “It’s a lot easier to shut out life when we’re in the walls of an office.” 

Favorite take-aways: Smartest person in the room (SPITR) and “stand up and wiggle.” 

Accenture SolutionsIQ’s Ryan Keawekane hosts. 

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